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Contact Us

86-10-66413202 / 86-10-66414640

Office of International Students Room 1507, International Students’ Apartment Central Conservatory of Music No.43, Baojia Street, Xicheng District, Beiijng, China, 100031

The 3rd CCOM International and Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Students Concert Held Successfully


   On the evening of May 31st, 2013, the 3rd CCOM International and Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Students Concert, sponsored by International Exchange Division and organized by International Students Office, was held successfully at the Concert Hall of Central Conservatory of Music. This concert aimed to provide an opportunity of academic exchange and art practice for the international and Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Students at CCOM to show what they have learnt. At the invitation of International Exchange Division, nearly 500 Chinese and foreign students from 24 universities in Beijing such as Peking University, Central University of Finance and Economics and China Agricultural University were present.

   At the concert, students from Denmark,U.S.A,U.K,Japan,South Korea and China Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan performed 13 programs. If audience open the “Performer Introduction”, they will see a composer with PhD degree listed at 2013 Beijing Modern Music Festival and a coloratura soprano who graduated from University of British Columbia School of Music(now studies in Voice & Opera Department of CCOM), as well as a percussionist who has worked with over 20 famous symphony orchestras at age 19 and a cellist admitted by such three Colleges of Music in the U.S. as Yale University recently.

   Chinese and Western classic works were performed at the concert, along with original and adapted works by international students specially for the concert. There were “polonaise”(Cello Solo) and “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” (Konghou and Xiao Duet);“15 KleineStücke”(Bassoon Quintet) and “Moonlight on the Spring River” (Guzheng and Pipa Quintet); “Mutability”(Soprano Solo) and “Les Choristes”(Chorus).The wonderful performance of students won massive applause and cheers from audience. At last, the chorus Les Choristes pushed the concert to the climax.

   Since 1990s, internationalization of higher education has become a new trend of development. As Central Conservatory of Music grows and its international influence increases, the number of international students has been rising steadily. This concert was a great success, and it not only enhanced cultural and academic exchanges among international and Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan students but attracted the active participation of other 24 universities. This concert has showed our educational results for international and Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan student, also promoted the international students works and contributed to the internationalization of our education level.